Getting Runescape Bonus At Any Time

You always feel happy when you get extra bonus while purchasing.Our bonus work for you any time,we have specific promotion plan around the year. Sometimes,we show Runescape gold promotion without any profit. What is bonus? What is promotion? Bonus is extra Runescape gold,Promotion is amazing price. After payment go through,what you bought is 100 Million Runescape gold,It shows 100 Million … Continue reading

EU Servers Technical Difficulties

Greetings, We are currently experiencing technical difficulties affecting Blade And Soul Gold European Servers. The issue started approximately at 2.55pm UTC / 3.55pm CET. Our teams have been made aware of this issue and are currently working on a resolution. At this time we are unable to provide more information on when servers will be accessible again for everyone but we will … Continue reading

Account bound costumes please + a Suggestion Forum

For some reason I cannot get the search feature to Blade And Soul Gold appear for me, so I’ve just decided to make a thread myself. I feel as though if we buy costumes from the store they should be account, not character bound. I was planning to buy EVERY costume that hits the store, but since they are character bound … Continue reading

MapleStory 2 Will be Published by Tencent in China

Developed in-house and launched in Korea in July 2015, MapleStory 2 is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game. In addition to its endearing 3D graphics, its ‘big adventure’ setting features dynamic action sequences and provides players with the ability to create their own exciting game contents. MapleStory 2 received the Grand Prize and Technology Creativity Prize (Character Category) at the … Continue reading

the term p2w is thrown around too lightly

I won’t go much about whether the complain is Blade & Soul Gold legitimate or not – I think that business model we have here has its ups and downs and I think also that it’s downright disturbing how complex it is (10 levels of Blade And Soul Premium Membership, dozens of micro-benefits instead of 1-2 simple advantages, hongmoon coins, nc coins, … Continue reading

With Blade and Soul, you get the experience the fun combat

it’s only 40 copper you will get 4 silver from killing 10 monsters in quests that give  Blade And Soul Gold you 4 silver for killing monsters and completing the quest that’s already 8 silver. now do various quests that tell you to kill many monsters and you will get 1 gold in no time. once you finish all the quests … Continue reading

MapleStory Live Brings 2D Questing To iOS And Android Devices

Over the past decade, tens of millions of gamers have made the cartoony 2D MMO world of MapleStory into their home away from home. Now that Nexon has announced the release of MapleStory Mesos  Live for iOS and Android devices, all of those players can have a home away from home away from home, with all of the lighthearted adventuring of … Continue reading

New Blade and Soul End Game Content ‘Rising Water’ in Two Weeks

The update will also mark the start of Blade and Soul Gold PvP Arena pre-season, allowing players to also spend Zen Beans – the in-game currency obtained by fighting against other players. NCSoft recently announced that Blade and Soul’s Western launch had been incredibly successful for the company, with it racking up 1 million players only one week following its launch. … Continue reading

Nexon Reveals MapleStory VR

Nexon Reveals MapleStory VR Nexon has announced that it will be showcasing the next stage in MapleStory developments at G-Star 2015. Get ready for MapleStory  Mesos VR (thanks MMOCulture) As you can see in the teaser above, MapleStory VR will put you in the world of MapleStory in a first-person perspective, giving you the opportunity to fight its enemies with a … Continue reading

Blade And Soul:Premium Membership Bonuses

Premium Membership Bonuses: I haven’t studied all of them for all ranks, so this will basically just be BNS Gold a brief overview on my thoughts on how it should be. o Whether I am paying monthly or annually to play Blade and Soul, I shouldn’t have to also throw potentially hundreds of of my hard-earned greenbacks at you to achieve … Continue reading